For more than 10 years, I have served the greater Tampa Bay area as a psychiatrist in Palm Harbor, Florida, specializing in the evaluation and treatment of adults with a variety of mental health concerns.  Careful, comprehensive psychiatric evaluations are the cornerstone of my practice.  With board certifications in General Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine and Forensic Psychiatry, I provide thoughtful and compassionate care for individuals with concerns including:

– Depression
– Mood Swings (e.g. Bipolar Disorder)
– Anxiety (excessive worry, panic attacks)
– Obsession and/or compulsions
– Fear or avoidance of social situations
– Problems with concentration and focus (e.g. ADD/ADHD)
– Impulse control problems
– Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
– Substance use disorders (alcohol, prescription medications, pain pills, cocaine, etc.)
– Relationship Problems

Treatment options include psychotherapy, medication management, and/or substance abuse treatment. For additional information about what you might expect from meeting with me, I encourage you to read about my approach to clients. You can also learn more about my Forensic Psychiatry Services.

Our office, located in Palm Harbor, Florida, provides a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere within which you can expect to receive excellent psychiatric care.

If you think that my practice may suit your needs,  please feel free to contact the office to discuss scheduling an initial consultation.

I appreciate your interest in my services and wish you success in your search for quality psychiatric care.

Darren Rothschild, M.D