Does Dr. Rothschild accept my insurance?
Dr. Rothschild has elected to not engage in contracts with any of the insurance panels. However, he works with a number of insurance plans on an “out-of-network” basis and will assist clients in obtaining such benefits (i.e. by providing them with the forms necessary for submitting a claim to their insurance company). Prior to scheduling an initial evaluation, our staff can speak with you about how to utilize your mental health benefits. We also recommend that you contact your insurance company for specific information about your out-of-network coverage for mental health services.
Is Dr. Rothschild a provider for Medicare or Medicaid?
Dr. Rothschild has elected to “opt out” of  Medicare and he is not a provider for Medicaid.  Dr. Rothschild provides service to individuals with Medicare, but in compliance with Medicare guidelines, individuals with Medicare benefits are required to enter into an agreement acknowledging that they understand that Medicare will not pay for Dr. Rothschild’s services. (A copy of this agreement is available to such individuals.)
How long are appointments?
To allow for careful evaluations and treatment planning, Dr. Rothschild generally meets with new patients for seventy-five minutes. Substance abuse evaluations typically require an additional thirty minutes. Follow-up appointments are scheduled for either twenty minutes (for medication management alone) or fifty minutes (for psychotherapy with or without medication management).
When is the next available appointment?
Though Dr. Rothschild’s schedule does vary to some degree, he can typically see new patients within two weeks. Patients are seen by appointment only. Please contact our office for current availability.
How much does an appointment cost?
To discuss fees or to schedule an appointment, feel free to call the office.