Forensic Psychiatry Services

As a forensic psychiatrist, I utilize clinical experience and scientific knowledge to address psychiatric questions that arise in the legal arena.  More specifically, forensic psychiatry involves performing psychiatric evaluations, such as Independent Medical Evaluations (IME), for the purpose of providing expert psychiatric opinions with written reports and/or sworn testimony.

With fellowship training in forensic psychiatry (at Emory University) and board certification in the sub-specialty of forensic psychiatry, I provide expert psychiatric opinions in both civil and criminal matters. I am available to perform forensic psychiatric evaluations in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, with medical license in each of these states.

Forensic psychiatric consultation is available for the following:

Criminal Matters:

– Competency to stand trial
– Criminal responsibility (Insanity Evaluations)
– Involuntary Intoxication
– Mitigating factors for sentencing
– Substance abuse evaluations
– Post conviction matters

Civil Matters:

– Disability
– Personal injury
– Fitness for duty
– Medical malpractice
– Dangerousness and Risk assessments
– Testamentary capacity
– Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)

If you are interested in retaining my services as a forensic psychiatrist or if you have a forensic psychiatric matter not listed, feel free to contact the office.

If you are represented by an attorney in legal matter for which you are interested in my services, it is typically preferable to have your attorney contact me to discuss the possibility of my involvement.