My Approach

My approach is to understand and treat the whole person by recognizing their unique set of circumstances, conflicts, strengths, and background. I do not believe in “pill pushing.”  Instead, I tailor treatment plans to each individual’s unique presentation after a careful evaluation of their biological, psychological, and social makeup.  Such treatment plans integrate the latest evidence for the best treatments. Treatment recommendations might include psychotherapy, medications, and/or recommendations for lifestyle changes.  I often serve as the psychotherapist for my clients, but also enjoy serving as a psychiatric consultant to individuals engaged in psychotherapy elsewhere.

With psychotherapy, I have an integrated approach that is tailored to  each individual’s presentation and preferences.  To varying degrees, I utilize insight-oriented therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and EMDR.

Regarding medication, I prescribe medications judiciously and only in the light of collaborative discussions with the individual about the medication’s potential risks, benefits, and alternatives (including the option of not taking medication).  I strive to implement simple medication regimens that minimize side effects.  I base treatment recommendations on a state-of-the-art understanding of pharmacotherapy with a thorough understanding of each individual’s situation.  While for some clients, medications might be an important component of their treatment plan, I rarely prescribe medication without also suggesting some form of psychotherapy.

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